Remembering Archie Brechin
An outstanding member of the Global Autism Project team, Archie was an advocate, a leader, and a champion for global acceptance of autism. He will be missed tremendously, and his impact in our work will live on for generations.
" My home abounds in book titles ranging from John Paul Sartes to a behemoth Anthology of English literature. Part of me aspires not only to be the jack of all trades but the master of all as well. According to my friends and family, I am articulate, well-read, a decent conversationalist and generous. I suppose I agree."
- Archie Brechin
Archie's Vision
In a blog post from 2018, Archie wrote about his passions, his role, and his dreams while at the Global Autism Project. Take a moment to read his words and appreciate all that he saw possible for the world. He gave hope, vision, and bold action to the global Autistic community, and we're truly honored to have had him on our team.